IAM Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Bernhard founded the International Association of Moringa (IAM) in 2007 to implement the International Association of Moringa Global Organic Initiative Now model (IAM GOIN) that emphasizes on empowering communities with solutions for: Environment, Health & Nutrition, Economy (job creation).
IAM GOIN took birth in the western hemisphere’s poorest and most deforested country; “Ayiti” (Haiti) having less than 1.3% of national forestry coverage, extreme hunger, and poverty being the most critical issues.
While forging a success story on the motherland of his parents (Ayiti) as the Pioneer of the Moringa Oleifera industry, he simultaneously influenced the entire Caribbean and Latin American region to plant this God sent Miracle tree for its capabilities on helping the core of humanity.
For him, expanding the IAM GOIN model worldwide is both an honor and symbolic gesture of giving back to Mother Nature whilst sharing health and wellness with Humanity. Evidently, he is passionate about nature and carefully has a small interest in a world-class copper mine.