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Thank you for visiting the International Association of Moringa website built for the convenience to learn about IAM Moringa and to solicit our products and services.
Today, we live in an era where too many corporations, in exchange for profit gains, are jeopardizing two of humanity’s most precious assets: our environment and our health.
Unfortunately, this practice is destructive to mother earth and its living beings.
The International Association of Moringa Global Initiative Now model  (IAM GOIN) sets a positive example of sustainable capitalism, beneficial to our environment and well-being for generations to come. This mission is being achieved by spreading awareness and using the applications of the multi-usage of IAM Moringa.
Moringa Oleifera has been proven by scientists as nature’s most potent and nutrient-dense plant providing healing and rejuvenation to people, animals, plants, and soil.
Furthermore, its bi-products make high-quality animal fodder and is considered as one of the best biological (organic) alternatives to unhealthy or hazardous agrochemicals used in farming.
Another quality attributed to this Miracle Tree is the capacity of its seeds to purify water and produce one of the most revered therapeutic oils.
International Association of Moringa provides services to the public and private sector for projects embracing Environmental & Farming initiatives, Health/Nutrition, and last but not least Sustainable Economic growth.
Forever grateful towards the opportunity at hand to serve for the greater good of the world, I am personally inviting you to join this noble initiative.
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Yours Truly,
Bernhard Henry Poitevien
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