IAM Member of the Board

Gilbert Buteau, is an academic with a polyvalent background.
He is functional both on and off the field with a swift capacity to adapt. His skills are proven in the private, public and multinational sectors notably; among other companies, he is the Co-Founder of DoLiv, a subsidiary company of the International Association of Moringa that produces the highest quality organic Moringa Oleifera products in Ayiti (Haiti).
Aside from his entrepreneurial mindset, Gilbert worked for the United Nations, he was a school administrator as the principal of College Les Normaliens Reunis, a high school that was founded by his late father Mr. Emmanuel Buteau Minister of Education. Gilbert is currently, a consultant and a technical adviser to the government of Ayiti’s (Haiti) in several public and mixed entities implementing social and development programs. His competence ranges from: expert in management & evaluation, technical & financial reporting, project & budget elaboration, drafting of political documentation for public use, community development, youth integration, communication specialist, human resources management, advocacy, and foreign cooperation.
With his team of dedicated experts, together, they are creating a positive change through innovation with a focus to increase Ayiti’s GDP by at least 20% within a decade.