IAM Member of the Board

Frantz is a compassionate country doctor who has traveled extensively throughout the countryside of Ayiti (Haiti) to care for villagers even in some of the most remote areas. He was appointed in 2015-2017 as Ambassador of the Republic of Haiti in Berlin, Germany where he began to be seriously involved with the expansion of the International Association of Moringa for a healthier and better world.
Before that, he started a career with the press, precisely at the “Nouvelliste, the oldest daily Haitian centennial newspaper, and later, worked at “Petit Samedi Soir” daily newspaper. For many years he was the editor-in-chief and eventually became the director of this weekly vanguard while engaging in the struggle for social justice. Arrested and expelled for a few years in May 1997 for opposing the political Lavalas regime, he aspired to return to Ayiti his dear country to resume his life as a rural doctor and promote the multi-usage of Moringa Oleifera with a principal focus on the health and nutritional properties of this God sent plant to humanity. Obviously, Frantz is also utterly interested in politics.