IAM Member of the Board 

Parvis Hanson is the President of Manor Group based in Switzerland. He is a Senior Strategic Advisor to the leaderships of the leading corporations and governments from Asia, Europe, and North America. Prior to founding Manor Group, Parvis Hanson was Senior Manager of the World Economic Forum, in charge of Asian affairs, Information Communication Technologies member corporations, and the New Asian Leaders Community. During this time, he has developed extensive experience and knowledge of the world’s economic, business, and political scene and of its key players. Under his leadership, the World Economic Forum has expanded its presence in Asia and facilitated “Davos” Summits to exchange expertise between leaders in business, government, and civil society. Mr. Hanson is also Managing Director to Book Hill Partners, who provide strategic solutions to complex problems, extensive experience at the highest levels of government and business, in the United States and around the world.
Furthermore, Parvis Hanson holds senior advisory roles to United Nations, UNCTAD, ITC, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Customs Organization, INTERPOL, International Chamber of Commerce, International Trademark Association, Monday Morning, Sustainia, TraDove, Stromasys, Naissance Capital, Swiss China Partnership Foundation and Horasis.