At a time people care a lot about their well-being especially their health and environment, a move back to Mother Nature sounded more logical. Hence a new lifestyle based on what this grandma nature is still hiding from her grandchildren

Moringa Oleifera, a plant that grows in tropical lands seems to be a new panacea. Its PH fits well to our system and has the power to regenerate aging cells, immune system and the liver while stopping obesity; and providing all the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and more than you can even imagine. So, for decades all of a sudden, Moringa gets a special niche among other super foods. Don’t forget the world is shifting to natural habit, organic is the more correct and up–to–date world, after so many foray in  the pharmacology ersatz.

A young fellow who is becoming a kind of Moringa guru in the new food and holistic saga is Bernhard Henry Poitevien (BHP), a globe trotter originated from Haiti. A talented and easy-going researcher with a taste for oriental philosophy, Mr. Poitevien was born from two family landowners with a strong background in the Haitian hinterland. To say the least, he loves farming and the farming life loves him back. At what age did he start his globetrotting adventure, nobody knows. Today in every corner of the globe Bernhard is there and radiates faith and optimism. 

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